We at Medical Weeds Online are dedicated to an evidence-driven approach to addressing diverse aspects of cannabis, encompassing safety, culinary applications, and scientific research for both medicinal and recreational purposes. 

Our commitment lies in ensuring that this scientific knowledge is easily accessible and can cater to individuals seeking relief, those eager to learn more, or even those who are exploring cannabis for recreational use.

The criminalization of cannabis has had severe consequences, stripping countless individuals of their freedoms, livelihoods, and opportunities. The widespread stigma and prohibition have also led to the denial of millions’ access to the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant, often resulting in tragic outcomes.

As such, we firmly believe that a crucial step toward rectifying these injustices involves educating patients, healthcare providers, decision-makers, and the general public about the positives of cannabis and the often unseen harms caused by decades of prohibition. 

Our goal is to contribute to a more informed and balanced perspective on cannabis, fostering understanding and breaking down barriers.

How We Roll

Our content creation process at Medical Weeds Online commences with in-depth research, discussions, and consultations with our advisory board. Topics are then paired with expert writers, including former cannabis or medical professionals turned writers, all of whom are authorities in their fields.

The editing process merges expertise with journalistic values to ensure scientific accuracy and logical coherence. Rigorous fact-checking, consultation with medical professionals, and continuous updates are integral to this stage.

Then, the final touches by our production team are implemented to guarantee a seamless online presentation.